(Video)Reaction Video To Prophet Passion Java Exposed!!

Is Prophet Passion Java a false prophet or not? The old black church and black gospel news with hood Evangelist. Click the link below to check out her reactions for celebrity Pastors and false prophets like: Td Jake’s, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Brian Carn, Marcus Rogers, Pastor Kimberly Brown, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Prophet Java Passion and More…

In this video Hood Evangelist shares more of her experiences and hardships with fake prophets, false teachers and wolves in sheep clothing. Prophet java is not doing well as a spiritual father. He’s out here playing in money and speaking in tongues while his so called sons are doing the wrong. Whats going on with Prophet passion sons? Someone tell me because Passion Java has refused to say anything.

Click Link Below to hear Hood Evangelist testimony about Prophet Passion Java and Prophet Brian Carn


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