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Pastor Creflo Dollar Exposed

Pastor Creflo Dollar, The Creflo Dollar Ministries pastor known for financial gain, is trending on social media today for being GAY? Is Pastor Creflo Dollar GAY? Honestly I don’t know but according to YouTube blogger, TashaK….Pastor Creflo Dollar was caught with a man….

As of now, there aren’t any helping facts to certainly show the pastor is certainly a lil sweet.

Rumors started to swirl over exertions day weekend of an alleged affair with a said minister of music by the call of ramon. If I understand successfully, 50k become concerned somewhere within this state scandal.

Dollar hasn’t addressed the problem but, but creflo dollar ministers allegedly sent quit and desist letter to the blogger, threatening criminal movement if she didn’t off the story from her channel.

A mess……

The married pastor and father of five is accused of assemby up with ramon at a columbus, ga inn, sharing extra than four hours of intimacy with him. At one point, ramon phoned a pal and allegedly did not grasp up.

Pastor became reportedly overheard asking ramon to pipe him down! Sure….They say pastor is a complete breed backside that loves to take it. No comment…..Not one! The info from my resources are juicyyyyyyyy, but no longer showed so I instead now not proportion it all right here.

I ain’t were given time to be in no person court room over nonsense or what they pastor do with his bum-bum.

If what they’re announcing is proper and helping facts are to be had, any person wishes to pour bleach on him and his garments, reasons girl….From what I pay attention…Simply nasty!

Do i think he’s gay???? Ehhhhhhhhhh…By no means were given those vibes from him truely, but it is 2021. Some things is feasible!

What do you think?

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